Never lose your cool.

Kick that koozie to the curb – this is the last can cooler you will ever need. Arctican keeps 12-ounce drinks cold without making your hands cold.
Simply freeze the cooling core, twist it on and enjoy ice-cold drinks for up to 3 hours.

Remove twist-off cooling core from freezer
and attach to Arctican.

Slide an
ice-cold 12-ounce can or bottle into the Arctican.

Enjoy 3
hours of refreshingly cold drinks, even out in the sun.

Use the provided
felt sleeve for a
perfect fit with a
12-ounce bottle.

Two layers of vacuum-insulated stainless steel keeps the cold in and heat out.

Twist-on cooling core filled with proprietary freezing gel keeps drinks colder, longer.

After 90 minutes in the sun

  • +5°
  • +23° Nothing
  • +17° Koozie

Keeps drinks cold
for up to 3 hours.

So you never deal with lukewarm drinks and sweaty cans again.


More than a koozie.

No wonder this is the last can cooler you’ll ever need.

Your can has never stayed this cold.

Arctican $19.95

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