Corkcicle Air

Corkcicle Air

Wine myth busted.

Chill Reds?

A common misperception is that reds should be served at room temperature. Reds are properly served at cellar temperature, which averages near 60 degrees. Average room temperature is 72 degrees. Drinking at cellar temp will greatly enhance the flavor profile of your red wine.

Wine myth busted.

Aerate Whites?

While it is commonly known that aerating red wine draws out the flavors and aromas, it is an enduring myth that white wine does not need aeration. In fact, aeration enhances white wine as it does red wine.

How to use:

  • Freeze your Corkcicle Air for at least 90 minutes.

  • Pour a half-glass of wine to make room for your Corkcicle Air, then insert into bottle to cool room-temp reds in 15 minutes or keep whites chilled for an hour.

  • To refill glasses, simply pour—Corkcicle Air’s pour-through feature makes serving a breeze.

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