While Corkcicle is an easy-to-use, and love, product, we know you’re bound to have a few questions. Here’s where we attempt to answer them. Should you have a more specific question you need answered, please feel free to contact us. All questions, and compliments, are welcomed.

  • Questions.


  • Q. How can I get in touch with you?

    A. Reach out to us online here anytime. Or call 1-866-780-0007 Monday through Friday from 9am to 6 pm EST.

  • Q. What does “Expedited Shipping” mean?

    A. It means shipped fast. As in UPS 2nd Day Air. We’ll send you an email with your shipment tracking number once your order has been processed. Orders received after 2pm EST will typically ship the following business day (Mon-Fri).

  • Q. Does Corkcicle ship outside of the US?

    A. Currently, no. In the future, maybe.

  • Q. I’m a store and want to start selling Corkcicle. How do I get started?

    A. Your store is about to get way more stylish. Learn more about opening a wholesale account with Corkcicle and register your account here.

  • Q. I'd like to add my company logo to your products for my business or events.

    A. We can definitely do that. Please call 1-866-780-0007 or simply complete this form to request a quote. Minimum to start is 100 units.

  • Q. How can I collaborate with Corkcicle?

    A. We’d love to learn more about what you have in mind. Fill out our online form with details and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

  • Q. How can I be the first to learn about new Corkcicle products and promotions?

    A. Join our email list and connect with us on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Canteen/Tumbler

  • Q. How do they keep drinks hot/cold for so long?

    A. Corkcicle Canteens and Tumblers use a first-of-its-kind, proprietary layer of insulation. In between the two walls of stainless steel, there’s a third layer that keep drinks cold for up to 20 percent longer than other insulated bottles and cups.

  • Q. Are Corkcicle products dishwasher safe?

    A. We recommend hand-washing all Corkcicle products to keep them working just right.

  • Q. Can you close the lid on Tumbler?

    A. Yes! The Tumbler lid contains a slider that opens and closes.

  • Q. Is Tumbler spill proof?

    A. The Tumbler lid is designed to be leak-resistant so you don’t have to worry about any major spills. But it’s not designed to be completely leak-proof, so try to keep Tumbler upright when you’re on the go.

  • Whiskey Wedge

  • Q. How does it work?

    A. Designed to melt much slower than smaller, traditional ice cubes, Corkcicle’s Whiskey Wedge helps retain your drink’s full flavor. After placing the silicone form over the top of the glass, fill the glass with water and store in the freezer for at least four hours. Then, remove the silicone, pour in your favorite spirit and enjoy.

  • Arctican

  • Q. How does the Arctican work?

    A. Arctican keeps bottles and cans cold for 2-3 hours. All you have to do is freeze the cooling disk, twist it on, slide in your can or bottle and enjoy a refreshingly cold beverage.

  • Q. Does the cooling disk have to be frozen?

    A. It doesn’t have to be. The insulated walls of Arctican will keep your drink for 1-2 hours. But freezing the cooling disk will keep your drink cold even longer, so we’d recommend it.

  • Q. Does it fit a beer or soda bottle?

    A. Yes. We’ve included a felt sleeve that slides over any standard-sized bottle to help your drink fit perfectly into the Arctican.

  • Q. What if the felt sleeve isn’t big enough for my beer or soda bottle?

    A. Not all bottles are created equally. Some are just too big. DO NOT attempt to force the sleeve onto the bottle and risk broken glass, spilt beer and general embarrassment.

  • Shipping & Returns

  • Q. Will I receive notification or a tracking number when my order ships?

    A. Yes. We’ll send a shipment tracking number via email when your order has been processed.

  • Q. What’s your return policy?

    A. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Corkcicle product, simply return it. We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all products, plus a warranty that covers defects in manufacturing. This applies to products purchased on Corkcicle.com only. Products purchased elsewhere should be returned to their original purchasing location.