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The best way to cool, clearly.

The finest cocktail bars in the world go to great lengths to serve crystal clear ice—even buying and carving their ice from 50+ pound clear ice blocks. Now, thanks to Invisiball by Corkcicle, you can get the same results using tap water from your sink.

Taste your drink.
Not the ice.

No air bubbles or impurities. Just flavorless, crystal clear ice that doesn’t dilute your drink because it melts ultra slow.

Works of
sippable art.

Place your favorite fruit, flower petals or herbs inside your ice ball for artistic effect and flavor.

Keep your cool.
Now or later.

Freeze and store ice balls in an airtight freezer bag prior to a party or just to have at the ready.

Corkcicle Invisiball
Corkcicle Invisiball
Corkcicle Invisiball

Connect the silicone ice form halves to create the spherical mold.

Fill Tumbler to the very top with water.

Place the silicone ice form into Tumbler, then place Tumbler with full ice form in freezer.

In 24 hours you can pop the crystal clear, frozen ice ball out into your favorite drink and enjoy.

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