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Stemless Lid

*final sale Fits 12oz Stemless Wine Cups Only
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Color Clear

Size Stemless Wine Cup

Stemless Lid Stemless Lid Stemless Lid Stemless Lid

Stemless Lid


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The spare, sip-through, shatterproof accessory that comes in handy when you need it most. Fits Stemless Wine Cup perfectly and helps keep contents cool even longer. 


*Lid made to fit Stemless Wine Cup only. Will not fit with other Corkcicle Tumblers or Stemless Flute. 

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How do I clean my Lid?

Both the rubber gasket and the plastic slider can be easily removed. The gasket can be slipped off and on. The plastic slider can be removed by sliding it all the way open and pushing on one of the small plastic tabs on the bottom side of the slider. You will reassemble it by doing just the opposite. We also suggest using baking soda and lemon juice, or household vinegar to clean your Lid.

Is this the right Lid for me?

Our Stemless Lids are compatible with the Stemless Wine Cup only. This Lid will not fit on the Tumbler, Coffee Mug, or Flute.

Is the Stemless Lid leak-proof?

Due to the nature of the sliding piece, the Stemless Lid is not designed to be completely leak-proof. There is a tiny steam hole on the top of the sliding piece, so be sure to keep your Stemless upright when you're on the go!

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