What to Bring to a Barre Class

Barre Class Must-Haves

Ready to plié your way to fitness? Barre classes have gained popularity over the years, blending ballet-inspired moves with elements from pilates and yoga to sculpt those long, lean muscles. While it may seem intimidating to those who have no dance background, a barre workout routine is designed for non-dancers and caters to people of all fitness levels.  But before you pack up and head to the studio, let's talk about what you need to bring to maximize your barre workout experience. 

Understanding Barre Workout Essentials

Barre workouts are unique—they combine cardio and flexibility with strength training, all rolled into one challenging and fun session. To get the most out of your barre class, you’ll need some specific items that can support the wide range of movements and help you stay comfortable throughout the session. From getting the right attire to the perfect hydration solutions, we've got it all covered!

Footwear for Barre: Socks or Barefoot?

Grip Socks for Stability and Hygiene

When it comes to barre workouts, function and safety are crucial factors! Most barre studios prefer that you ditch your shoes at the door and either go barefoot or wear socks. But not just any regular old pair of socks—grip socks! These specially designed barre socks provide a crucial grip to help you hold those poses and movements without slipping, making them a must-have for your class. Plus, they keep things clean and hygienic as you share the floor and equipment with fellow barre class buddies.

Functional Attire: Stretchable and Supportive Clothing

Choosing the right clothing for a barre class is all about balance. You need to wear clothes that allow freedom of movement while also providing support. Go for stretchable, moisture-absorbing fabrics that keep you comfortable as you move from ballet barre pliés to core-strengthening routines. Build your attire with form-fitting leggings, a breathable top, and for women, a good sports bra. These will help you stay comfortable throughout your session. Remember, barre classes are all about posture and precision, so make sure to wear something that lets you and your instructor see your movements clearly!

Hydration on Point: Slim and Secure Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is crucial in any workout routine, especially when you’re engaging every muscle group! But in a barre class, where space can be tight and movement is constant, you need a water bottle that’s both slim and secure. Having an insulated sport canteen or a 40 oz tumbler with a handle makes it easy to keep your water within arm’s reach without worrying about making a mess at the studio. For those who prefer to drink out of the straw, a cold cup tumbler can also be an excellent choice! All of these options can keep your drink cold (or warm) for hours and hold enough capacity to keep you hydrated throughout your session and even after. Don’t forget the importance of post-workout hydration for muscle recovery, so make sure keep drinking water even after your class is over!

Staying hydrated is crucial not only for workouts at the studio but also at home. If you're setting up a space for at-home barre workouts or any other routines, make sure to include our must-haves for any home gym.

Easy-to-Carry Solutions for Small Spaces

Your barre class gear should be as portable as it is stylish. Using a sports sling bag is great for carrying your essentials, whether it’s holding your water bottle, grip socks, or a small towel. This small bag ensures you have everything organized and within reach, leaving you free to focus on your poses and movements.

Compact Accessories: Resistance Bands and Soft Balls

When packing for your barre class, don't forget those small but helpful accessories! Resistance bands and soft balls are essential tools in any barre workout routine. They enhance your range of motion, help target specific muscle groups, and intensify your workout by adding resistance. Not only that, these accessories are also incredibly effective for activating your glutes, strengthening your legs, and enhancing core strength. Compact and lightweight, they can easily fit into your bag, making them perfect for those who are always on the go!

Personal Comfort: Towels and Wristbands

Barre workouts can get you sweating, even if it's a low-impact routine, so having a small towel on hand is a must. Go for an absorbent, quick-drying towel that can be easily folded up or tossed in a bag. Wristbands are also great for wiping away sweat on your wrists, which not only prevents you from getting distracted but also avoids potential slips that can cause injury. 

These items are not only for comfort, but also help maintain your focus and safety during those challenging barre routines. Plus, if you partake in other types of workout classes, wristbands can help maintain a better grip on handlebars during intense cycling, making them a great addition to bring to a spin class.

Motivation Boosters: Headphones and Playlists

We all know that a great playlist can transform your workout from a routine exercise into a fun and feisty session. Bring along a pair of comfortable, sweat-resistant earbuds or headphones designed for extensive movement. Sync them with your favorite workout playlist to keep your energy levels high and your mind engaged as you push through those last few reps.

Post-Class Care: Cooling Towels and Muscle Rollers

After an active barre session, it’s essential to cool down and give your muscles the care and recovery that they deserve. Bring cooling towels to provide quick relief and help regulate your body temperature. You can also get foam muscle rollers which are fantastic for self-massage, helping you release muscle tension and aid in recovery. Adding these items to your post-workout routine will not only speed up your recovery but also prepare your body for the next session!

Streamlining Your Barre Class Experience with Corkcicle

As you pack for your next barre class, remember that each item in your bag plays a role in your fitness journey. From the grip socks that ground your stance to the towels that help cool your body, every piece is part of your path to achieving a stronger, more flexible body. Now, embrace the blend of ballet, yoga, and strength training that barre offers, and let your movements be as fluid as the dance itself.

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